Welcome to Florida
27 Februar 2017

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Bradenton is a city in Manatee County, Florida, USA. 2016 population to be 54,437. (originally spelled "Bradentown") was explored in 1539 by the Spanish during the famous expedition led by Hernando De Soto. Holmes Beach. Thad Danor and Carry from Ohio. They are living already for a long time in Bradenton.16_Gold and Gun Shop-1


Tampa Bridge - St Petersburg Clear Water - Hillsborough National Parc, Florida State, USA.

Explore and learn about marine life at The Florida Aquarium. Our Tampa aquarium is perfect for all ages. Florida Aquarium in Tampa, Florida. Founded in March 1995.

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21_Butterfly and Nature Conservatory-Turaco

22_Butterfly and Nature Conservatory

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Tampa City and Play-off Game No 5 Tampa Bay - Red Wings, Florida State, USA.



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Miami Greyhound Racing - Mardi Gras Casino, Florida State, USA.

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